• Old YMCA, 6th St. and Queens Ave., New Westminster: Police Headquarters, Aubrey, Missouri; Coroner’s Office, Examining Room C; Memorial Hospital; Shamrock Women’s Prison, Psychiatric Ward, High Security
  • Timberland Motel, 3418 King George Hwy, Surrey: Motel Black, Aubrey, Missouri (Room 6)
  • Colebrook Road, South Surrey: Crime Scene, Aubrey, Missouri
  • Queen’s Park, 6th & McBride, New Westminister: Picnic table, Lincoln Park, Aubrey
  • 13275 Colebrook Rd., Surrey: Harry Cokely’s house, Gainesville, Nebraska

xfiles filming location - 13275 Colebrook Rd., Surrey: Harry Cokely's house, Gainesville, Nebraska

  • 1st Street and 3rd Avenue, New Westminister: Thibedeaux Residence, 238 North 54th Street, Edmond, Nebraska